Roadway Re-Opens: Hole in bridge on I-40 in Del City caused delays

Update 5:00 p.m. All lanes and ramps are open at Sunnylane Rd and Se. E. 15th St. after hole in bridge causes traffic  delays.

DEL CITY, Okla. - A hole in a bridge on I-40 may cause traffic delays Monday.

Around 7 a.m., officials announced that eastbound I-40 near Sunnylane Rd. and S.E. 15th St. would narrow to one lane after the discovery of a 8 feet by 5 feet hole in a bridge.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation had hoped to have the lanes open before Monday's evening rush hour but that will not be the case.

You should plan for delays, congestion or finding an alternative route.

Due to the hole in the bridge, the Sunnylane Rd. on-ramp and S.E. 15th off-ramp are also closed.

Officials believe the ramps and the lanes should reopen and return to normal by late afternoon.