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“I’m still trying to understand,” New Oklahoma program offers free surgery to state employees

OKLAHOMA CITY -- This year has been tough for state employees and teachers.

Two revenue failures at the Oklahoma State Capitol spelled out layoffs and cut-backs for state agencies around Oklahoma.

Tuesday at 10 p.m., NewsChannel 4's Ali Meyer has some great news for state workers who use the state health insurance plan.

The new provision in the healthcare plan allows state employees to get surgery, for free!

Janet Boyd used the benefit in June for her full-knee replacement surgery

She is a second grade teacher in Chandler, Oklahoma.

Boyd has full medical coverage through the state's non-profit health care plan, Health Choice.

She was expecting to pay thousands of dollars in co-pays and co-insurance for her surgery.

So, imagine her shock when she showed up the morning of surgery and there was a zero balance; there would be no bill to be paid.

"I'm still trying to understand," Janet laughed. "How can that be free?"

If you are a state employee or a teacher like Janet Boyd; or if you pay taxes in Oklahoma, this is a story you cannot afford to miss.

Tuesday at 10 p.m. we are unpacking the details about a new program that offers free surgery for 183,00 Oklahomans who qualify:

  • How can the state afford to give away health care?
  • Why could this bold move put hundreds of millions of dollars back in the budget?
  • How many surgeries are covered?
  • What kind of medical facilities are teaming up with Health Choice for this program?

Ali Meyer answers all of these questions and more, Tuesday at 10 p.m.