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Police warning joggers after man attempts to pull women’s pants down at Oklahoma park

LAWTON, Okla. – Police are warning female joggers about a potential threat in Lawton.

According to KSWO, a woman called authorities this weekend after she says she was running in Elmer Thomas Park and was approached by a stranger.

She told police the man came up from behind her and pulled down her pants. She says she tried to turn around but tripped and fell.

Several minutes later, another woman at the park says a strange man attempted to pull down her pants while she was jogging. When he couldn’t, he ran toward Lawton High School.

Now, police have a warning for joggers.

“Run in pairs. If you are going to be running that way, you can keep somebody there with you to keep you motivated while you are running, also there for protection. Safety in numbers, always have your cell phone with you just in case there is an emergency and you need to call 911. Let someone know where you are going to be,” Det. Charlie Whittington said.

Whittington also suggests being mindful of other people passing you, and have your keys out before you head to your car.

So far, no arrests have been made.