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Edmond police officer accused of stripping naked at Lake Arcadia on paid leave

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond police officer accused of stripping naked at Lake Arcadia is on paid leave.

Tuesday, he was charged with outraging public decency, a misdemeanor in Oklahoma.

An Edmond PD spokesperson told NewsChannel 4 he also turned in his badge and gun Tuesday.

Party Cove at Lake Arcadia is usually full of boats, sun and plenty of beer.

In July, witnesses said an unwelcome guest jumped on their boat and stripped down naked.

Prosecutors said the naked man was Edmond Police officer Colter Morey.

It all allegedly began in a game of “trading [swimsuit] bottoms under the water” between Morey and the group of people he was with.

Morey allegedly jumped on another man’s boat.

The man demanded Morey leave, and the officer reportedly said “I am Edmond PD. I can do what I want.”

Morey wasn’t home when our NewsChannel 4 crews stopped by.

His neighbors didn’t know much about him and didn’t want to be shown on camera since he’s a cop.

“I always told my kids, when they got scared and heard a noise, I said bad guys won’t come, because we have a police officer that lives next door,” his neighbor said.

The lengthy police report filed Tuesday detailed that day at the lake, and a number of people told the same story.

One witness said Morey was “butt naked, highly intoxicated and acting a fool.”

“I think police officers should be held to a standard. Just like teachers, if people see you outside of school, you don’t want that reputation,” Morey’s neighbor said.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Morey.