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Pool service runaround, owner accused of ditching customers

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OKLA. CITY - Berry Ward says his patience is being tested.

Back in May Berry hired A Perfect Pool owner, Dana Carrothers, to install a new pool liner.

“$1625,” berry said. “He cashed it the same day. He went straight to the bank.”

Carrothers cashed the check, but never installed the liner.

Berry and his wife sued Carrothers and won!

So did country music star Toby Keith, whose real last name is Covel.

Court records show Carrothers received almost $10,000 to repair Keith's storm-damaged pool and spa without doing a lick of work.  

In both cases Carrothers was a no show in court.

There was no sign of Carrothers at his Norman home.

It looks like the tag on his work van is expired and there are buckets of pool chemicals all over the place.

We tried him on his cell phone.

Carrothers said, “I'm going to tell you that Mr. What's His Name was a very difficult client.”

The pool man claims the project was delayed because of rain and water issues under Berry's old liner.

“The day they called and wanted a refund I took them that liner and said here's your refund,” Carrothers said. “They decided they didn't want that. They wanted the money and then I was going to be the one that was going to be out the money for the liner.”

Berry says Carrothers had no proof that liner was his.

“He had no way of showing me that he was going to do the work and I had no contract,” Berry said. “That was my fault for paying him for anything without a contract.”

Berry eventually got his new pool liner only after he paid a second company an additional $3200 to install it.

There's no telling how long he'll be waiting on that refund from Carrothers.

We know the state filed several tax liens against him and A Perfect Pool for not paying taxes.

Berry urges everyone to ask questions, get everything in writing, and research the contractor online.