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T. Boone Pickens Not Holding Back With Comments About Boren, Gundy

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Oklahoma State's most famous athletic department donor, T. Boone Pickens, had some interesting things to say to the Austin American-Statesman about several things, including Big 12 expansion, OU president David Boren, and OSU football coach Mike Gundy.

Pickens was quoted in a column by Kirk Bohls, saying he and Cowboys football coach Mike Gundy are not talking.

“I don’t have any conversations with Gundy,” he said.

Bohls asked Pickens if there was a rift between the two.

“I don’t know, but Mike doesn’t handle people relationships very well. And he gets mad about things. I’ve heard he’s written some notes about me that weren’t very complimentary.”

Pickens also had a few things to say about OU president David Boren, who is also the chairman of the Big 12 Board of Directors, which is looking to expanding the conference.

Pickens said Boren is wishy-washy on expansion and that “maybe it’s time for David to retire.”

“I’ve known David forever. He likes to talk. He gets a little bit confused sometimes.”

Pickens told Bohls he likes the current 10-team configuration of the Big 12, and would prefer to add Houston and SMU if the league does expand, but feels it's probably unlikely that will happen.