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‘I want an explanation,’ Man claims tricky parking signs are costing Oklahoma City drivers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OKLAHOMA CITY - A night out with the family was about to get even better.

Michael Bond swung on to Charlie Christian Ave. in July to find what seemed to be a free parking spot close to Bricktown and the Dodgers' game.

"I was like, 'Hey, here we go," Bond said. "Park the car here, save 20 bucks. This is 20 bucks I can spend in the ballpark."

Bond says he double-checked- the red curb of the fire lane ended before his car. He saw "No Parking" signs on the next few blocks, but nothing on the sidewalk beside him.

"I saw there was a constant pattern of no parking in the various areas," he said. "And I looked on here, there was nothing marked, no signs established."

But when Bond and his family returned from the baseball game, he got an unwanted surprise.

"All the way down the row, we were hit with parking tickets," he said. "I looked and I said, this is a legal parking spot and had the ticket for $85. I was scratching my head because I made sure I read the signs correctly."

The City has issued nine parking tickets on the block since April 1, around the time The Criterion concert venue opened on the corner. Images from Google Maps show multiple cars parked where Bond parked the night he received his ticket.

Bond decided to fight the ticket and snapped photos of his car and where it was parked, figuring he'd win easily. Bond says the officer who issued the ticket backtracked and sided with him in court, something the police department disputes.

"I told the judge, 'I rest my case," Bond said. "And the judge said, 'OK, you’re guilty, and your bond is as paid."

The City says Bond could appeal, but because the case would return to the same judge, Bond doesn't think it's worth his time.

"It made me feel real small because I just got juked out of 85 bucks!" he said. "That’s nothing to sneeze at. That’s a night of fun with my family."

He either wants his money back or an explanation of why what he did was illegal.

The Oklahoma City Police Department tells NewsChannel 4 the signs are "clearly marked" according to its most recent information, adding a judge upheld an officer's decision to write a ticket.

Oklahoma City says it will take a closer look at the signs in place, in an attempt to clear up anything that may be confusing.