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Logan County officials searching for burglary suspect

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla.--Officials in Logan County are searching for a man who they want to speak with about a series of burglaries in the area.

Authorities with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office say while investigating one burglary, a deputy recognized 25-year-old Kevin Wayne Schaffter.

The Slaven’s country home seems to be a magnet for thieves.

"When I first moved out here my house was actually broken into like three different times before I got smart and decided to put a security system in," Jim Slaven said.

The ADT home security employee is glad he got the product he sells.

Thursday morning his security system came in handy and sent him an alert.

When he looked back at the footage he saw someone lurking in his driveway.

"Well as soon as he saw that the camera was there, immediately his head, it's like it almost snapped off. He turned his head real quick to the side," Slaven said.

Next, you see the man quickly make his way around a parked hummer.

In the reflection of the rear view mirror you see the suspect finds the camera.

"He comes up here unplugs this and of course as soon as he did that then there went the camera," Slaven said. "Obviously he thought, ‘well I'm just going to steal the camera right? There's the evidence.’ Nah that's not what happened.”

Little did the intruder know, his camera debut was already saved in the system.

The Slaven’s are happy their prized possessions were not stolen, but puzzled as to how brazen the thief was.

"What gets me is that there's stickers and there's yard signs that say ADT on there, but the guy was still, pardon my French stupid enough to come up here and do it anyways," Slaven said.

News Channel 4 stopped by Schaffter’s home Friday, but a woman shut the door on our crew.