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Update: Oklahoma City attorney resigns from state board after arrest for allegedly soliciting sex from client

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OKLAHOMA CITY,--There are new details in a case involving an Oklahoma lawyer charged with soliciting his client for sex in exchange for services.

Mark Hixson was arrested and released. The woman he allegedly solicited says she is a victim, and police say she did nothing illegal.

Wednesday attorney Mark Hixson resigned from the Office of Juvenile Affairs effective immediately. That same day he was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution from a client.

Friday he Office of Juvenile Affairs issued a statement in part reading

"This is an unfortunate situation and our board and all agency staff members are mindful of and all impacted by these alleged allegations...We look forward to welcoming a future colleague to the board as the statutory appointment and confirmation process unfolds."

Hixson was appointed to the Office of Juvenile Affairs board of directors by Governor Mary Fallin with the consent of the Oklahoma Senate.

Hixson was released on an OR bond and did not take a mugshot. The search warrant in this case was filed under his cell phone number and not his name.

NewsChannel 4 obtained those documents.

We called the number listed and left Hixson a message that's not been returned.

The documents reveal Hixson has more than once represented the client he solicited including a felony drug case and a paternity case.

NewsChannel 4 spoke with this former client of Hixson's and she says Hixson requested photos of her for the legal services he provided in the paternity case.

During their text discussions of the case documents state Hixson asked the woman "Do you want any relationship with me other than attorney/client?"

The woman told NewsChannel 4 she did send Hixson a picture of her face and her chest because she needed Hixson's services but didn't have the money to pay for them and believes Hixson took advantage of her situation.

The woman was not charged in the case, because police say she did not initiate the conversations or accept any offers of sex.