Update: Contractor admits to taking customer’s cash

Update 10/18/16: Tuesday, we showed up at Joel Durham's house with some pretty great news.

Jeff Scott and Wayde Whetstone from Scott-Whetstone Construction want to install new windows for Joel and his wife to help with their heating and cooling costs.

“They'll mount right at the top, white frames to match and blend with it,” Scott said.

Remember, another contractor, Mike Martin, admitted to taking off with the couple's cash, leaving them $2,500 in the hole.

“I was under doctor's care. I couldn't do it. I owe him the money,” Martin said. “I'm going to pay him.”

Martin promised to call Joel and assured us a refund was on the way, but Joel said Martin never called and, instead, sent him an unapologetic text, saying “I look forward to my day. Don’t contact me again.”

Except, Martin never got his day in court, because he just didn't show up.

Joel could be waiting on his refund a long time, so the guys from Scott-Whetstone Construction want to honor Joel's original contract, along with his $2,500 payment.

“We're going to wipe that out,” Whetstone said. “We're going to install the same windows you've already chosen, the storm windows.”

Help is on the way.

“Thank you so much,” Joel said. “This is more than I would imagined.”

OKLAHOMA CITY - Joel Durham's new place still has the original windows.

“Some of these, you can stand next to and you can feel the gusts go through,” he said.

Contractor, Mike Martin, was hired to swap out the old storm windows for 22 new ones.

He cashed Joel’s check but never delivered the goods.

“It was $2,500 for the materials then, upon completion, it would be another thousand dollars for labor,” he said.

We know Martin was employed at the Home Depot store near 63rd and May but recently left the company.   

Joel keeps trying to sue him but can't find him to serve him with papers.

Court records show he was evicted from his place earlier this year and has money problems.

Monday, we tracked him down on the city's northwest side, where he admitted to taking Joel’s hard-earned cash.

“I did. I got sick,” Martin said. “I lost my money, and I do owe him.”

We pressed him on when he's going to pay back Joel.

“Like in the next week, I’d say,” Martin said. “I'm going to have to go home and call him.”

Joel hopes sooner than later, because he’s hoping to avoid air leaks and high heating bills in the winter.

“Really, I just want to have my money back and have the whole thing over,” he said.

We'll keep you posted on Joel's refund.

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