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“I could hear him screaming,” Shawnee boy hospitalized after being dragged by car in hit and run

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - An 8-year-old boy is recovering after a hit and run in Shawnee.

Two men are in jail, but the family wants answers.

Witnesses said Logan Skelton was actually dragged under the car.

Tuesday, he underwent surgery.

His parents are understandably angry and left to wonder how someone could run over their child and just take off.

“The first thing he said was ‘They tried to kill me, Mom,'” said Alma Skelton.

Alma and Jason Skelton heard the car barreling down the street.

Their son was outside.

“We’re both panicked, run out the front door, and I could hear him screaming 'Mom,’” Alma said.

Logan had gone out to ride his bike and play with his friends.

Little Nahomy Balvaneda saw the car.

“It was really fast. It didn’t stop. He was crying and saying ‘Get me out,’” Balvaneda said.

Alma stayed with Logan, and Jason took off after the car.

They said the passenger got out, and the driver sped off.

“I caught up to him. He was about two blocks away, just walking down the road, and he was trying to contact somebody to come and get him. [I]stopped him. Of course, he denied everything,” Jason said.

Paramedics rushed Logan to the hospital.

He has a broken clavicle and third degree burns down the back of his body.

Roscoe Lynch and Kyle Suneagle are now sitting in jail for the hit and run, accused of a crime that’s left the family heartbroken.

“We’re both angry and upset,” Alma said.

But, just like he is on the football field, Logan is proving he’s tough and a fighter.

“You just love Logan. He’s a great kid, just a great kid,” Jason said.

Lynch was arrested for leaving the scene of an injury accident and driving without a license.

Suneagle was arrested for obstructing an officer.

As for Logan, he’ll have to miss football season this year, because his recovery is expected to take several weeks.