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“I was really frustrated,” Neighbors pitch in to help elderly Oklahoma woman

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OKLAHOMA - Frustrated neighbors in The Village looked for answers Tuesday about why the city skipped over their trash pile.

Tiffeney Tigner tries to help out her neighbor whenever she can.

“She’s been a really good neighbor. She should be the good neighbor of the year, because she is always helping me out,” said Donona Hayes.

Tigner wouldn’t have it any other way.

When she saw another opportunity to help, she took it, trimming trees and brush in Hayes' yard.

“Her fence was going to come down, if we didn’t remove them. She can’t afford to replace her fencing all around her property,” Tigner said.

A group of friends helped her stack the limbs in piles on the curb just in time for big trash day.

But, to her surprise, the workers wouldn’t pick it up.

“I was really frustrated, because my neighbor is elderly, she’s in a wheelchair, she’s dealing with chemotherapy,” she said.

Tigner called to complain, and we reached out to city officials with The Village.

We got a response back late Tuesday afternoon.

City manager Bruce Stone said there are strict requirements for big trash day.

“Our rules provide that residents have to bundle and tie the brush in 2x4, and a lot of times residents don’t do that, and the contractors won’t pick it up,” Stone said.

But, stone said there is no denying Hayes needed help.

“When I found out that the resident wasn’t able to do it herself and some of the neighbors pitched in to help, I sent our public works crews over to pick it up,” he said.

Leaving one less thing for Hayes to worry about, as she focuses on her heath and beating cancer.

“We are going to get through it, me and my neighbor,” she said.