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“Maybe he’s not a Ford man” – Bear devours man’s truck

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MONTMORENCY COUNTY, Michigan - A Michigan man takes great pride in his beloved silver Ford F150 pickup, but now a bear has taken great pride in ripping apart the inside.

The black bear lifted the door handle, broke in, and had a little party, leaving bite and claw marks all over the interior.

It even ripped off the entire roof liner and Claude Conn wants to know why.

"He might like silver, or maybe he's not a Ford man," Conn told WPBN News. 

Wildlife officials say about 2,000 black bears roam Northern Michigan.

Bear break-ins are rare and are most often due to the bear searching for food.

But in Conn's case, the bear sampled one very expensive snack. "I said two words, and the first was, 'Oh!'"