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Moore Public Schools releases statement to calm fears about crazed clowns

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Green Bay Wisconsin clown in the middle of the night August, 5th, 2016

MOORE, Okla. – It’s a trend that is creeping parents and students out all across the Sooner State.

There have been reports of clowns spotted all over Ohio, Wisconsin and South Carolina allegedly luring children into the woods.

Oklahoma City police say they have not received any reports of clowns in the area, adding that there is no evidence of any threats to the public based on the clown craze.

However, that isn’t stopping parents and students from worrying about the situation.

On Tuesday, Moore Public Schools released the following statement to calm fears:

“Apparently there is a national social media phenomenon regarding “clown threats”. These are believed to have been popularized on Instagram and have reportedly included “threatening” messages about school violence from Philadelphia to St. Louis schools. Some of those messages have been received and sent by some of our students in Moore.

We do not believe that a credible threat exists with regard to Moore Schools. However, as always, we will actively investigate issues that pose any possible disruption and/or potential risk to our students or staff. Police have been notified and are assisting with the investigation.

All patrons are urged to discuss this national social media trend with their children. We believe it is very important for you to monitor your child’s social media accounts to make sure that they do not forward messages that have the effect of causing disruption and undue concern. Naturally, if you receive any messages that you believe are credible threats we encourage a report to local law enforcement officials as well as to school personnel.”

Edmond Public Schools released a similar statement:

“Edmond Public Schools is aware of posts made and shared on social media sites involving a nationwide phenomenon that can best be described as “clown threats.” Examples of these “clown threats” have been received and forwarded by some of our Edmond students. As students and parents reported the posts, Edmond administrators immediately contacted Edmond Police. We do not believe that a credible threat exists with regards to Edmond Public Schools. All Edmond students are safe and there is no evidence to indicate that patrons should be concerned about these social media messages. Edmond Schools will remain diligent in its investigation of these perceived “threats” and communicate any updates that are necessary.”

Police in Chickasha are also asking residents to report any suspicious activity, but not to feed in to the fear.