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“Not everything is about yourself,” 12-year-old caught on camera helping blind man cross busy street

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blind man helped across street cf

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio –  Jayden Denton was walking home when from school when he reached a busy intersection and spotted Terry Strader.

Strader is blind and works at a nearby center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. In order to get lunch, Strader has to cross a notoriously busy street.

“I just decided to help see if I could help him, see if he wanted help crossing the street,” Denton told WLWT.

Strader accepted the help, and someone snapped a photo as the two crossed the street together.

Denton says even though it was a simple act, he has learned a powerful lesson.

“Not everything is about yourself. Other people might need something from you or need your help or something. Good stuff will come back in return,” he said.