“That policeman is here to protect me,” Good Samaritan facing backlash for helping officer

A good Samaritan stepped in to help a Sacramento police officer who was struggling with a suspect.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Sergio De La Cruz was out walking his dog when he saw a police officer struggling with a man.

Authorities say an officer spotted 37-year-old Aaron Winsley, a known drug dealer, and tried to stop him.

Winsley ran and when the officer caught up with him, he allegedly tried to get rid of ecstasy and meth, and a struggle ensued.

“The suspect actually grabbed and took off the end of the taser and disarmed the officer of his taser,” said Traci Trapani, with the Sacramento Police Department.

Other officers were in route, but De La Cruz got there first.

De La Cruz grabbed the taser and gave it back to the officer, who was then able to arrest Winsley.

“That policeman is here to protect me, I’m going to be there to help out and make sure he’s not injured,” he told KCRA. “A lot of people were upset I helped him, but my thing was protect him- protect the person.”

De La Cruz says he has been praised by some in the neighborhood, and criticized by others.