Manhunt for Oklahoma man accused of shooting 6 people leaving two dead

Midwest City widow says she was sold a bill of goods

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Rita Hayes is out a bunch of money and stuck with a faulty heat and air unit.

She said the guy who installed it is Jimmy Ray Beets.

He told Rita her condenser was out.

“He says ‘I've got one I can sell you for $800 installed,’” Rita said.

Rita said Beets and his girlfriend tricked her into paying them twice, first through PayPal then with a check.

“They were going to hold it, PayPal was going to put a hold on it, so they couldn't get that part of their money,” she said.

We checked, and Beets is not licensed to be doing HVAC or electric work in Oklahoma, and he's racked up a bunch of arrests and convictions in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and California.

Court records show, while he was in California, he served hard time for taking his employer's truck for a joy ride and using stolen credit card to purchase AC units and gas.

Now, he's back in Oklahoma, accused of defrauding Rita, charged with copper theft from Mid Del Vision Source, an optometrist office in Midwest City.   

Gary Brown received a call from police just before midnight, that two of their units had been damaged.

“He told me there were a couple individuals here in our parking lot that were trying to tamper with our units,” Brown said.

Gary said thieves hit them six years ago, so they added cages and alarms to the copper wiring.

Beets and a buddy allegedly triggered the alarm trying to hack saw through the lines.

Gary said “I'm not sure if they planned on yanking [the units] out with their truck.”

We know Beets lives with his mom just a couple blocks away from the scene of the crime.

We stopped by, and the guy who answered the door told us he was Jimmy's brother.

“I think what happened, the first little thing that goes wrong, they look at his rap sheet and, automatically, he's guilty of something," he said. “That's not right.”

We're in the process of trying to get Rita some help.

She could have avoided this mess had she had he done a little homework.

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