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“I knew he was supposed to be our son,” KFOR viewers adopt 2 teens featured on ‘A Place to Call Home’

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The odds were stacked against 17-year-old J.J.

At just 4 years old, J.J went into state custody, and every passing year meant he was less likely to get adopted.

However, he never gave up.

"Basically, keep trying, keep pushing no matter what,” J.J. told KFOR last year.

Last September, KFOR featured J.J. during the 'A Place to Call Home' segment.

Patrick and Barb Yeary were watching NewsChannel 4 and paid close attention to J.J's story.

"We knew, when we saw him on your show, that he was supposed to be our son," Barb said.

On Oct. 5, the Yeary family officially adopted J.J.

"Great, feels good, warm, nice," J.J. said after the adoption.

He said adoption has changed him for the better.

"I'm actually playing sports, and everything's better now, not getting in as much trouble now," J.J. said.

"He's very fun. He's funny. He's smart, obviously handsome, you can tell, but he's doing great in school, and he's made friends and good friends who want to help him succeed, and we're just beyond happy," Barb said.

The Yearys also adopted Will, another teen who was featured on 'A Place to Call Home' in January.

"Never, in a million years. It's just amazing how everything fell into place,” Patrick said.

"Well, I did. I knew he was supposed to be our son, so it just took a little longer than it should have, but we got him," Barb said.

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