‘Pay It 4ward’ recipient suffers broken femur after being hit by car in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – A man who is known for his generosity is now recovering after being hit by a car.

Trent Hickey collects bicycles, fixes them up and gives them to children in need every year.

“I’m really passionate about bicycles,” Hickey told NewsChannel 4. “It’s really made a difference in my life. It’s an outlet. I feel like a kid again when I’m riding a bike. Every kid should have a bike, I firmly believe that.”

His generosity caused someone to nominate him for KFOR’s Pay It 4ward award.

On Monday night, Hickey was hit by a car while riding his bicycle near N.W. 10th St. and Morgan Rd.

Family members say he suffered a broken femur and quite a few scrapes.

On Tuesday, he underwent surgery.