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“The passenger should have heard me,” Shawnee boy home from hospital after hit and run

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roscoe-lynchUpdate – Monday, the District Attorney filed the following charges against Lynch:

  1. Leaving the scene of an injury accident (felony)
  2. Leaving the scene of an accident involving damage (misdemeanor)
  3. Reckless driving (misdemeanor)
  4. Driving without a driver’s license (misdemeanor)
  5. Obstructing an officer (misdemeanor)

Lynch is still in the Pottawatomie County jail.

SHAWNEE, Okla. - A Shawnee family is thankful to have their little boy home from the hospital.

Eight-year-old Logan Skelton was the victim of a hit and run a couple weeks ago.

Prosecutors are still trying to decide exactly what charges to file against the driver and the passenger.

The driver did not have a driver’s license and didn’t have any insurance on the car he was driving.

Now, Skelton’s family is left with a big hospital bill and a long recovery ahead.

Before you even step foot in Skelton’s house, there’s a visible passion for football outside the front door.

But, the 8-year-old football star can’t do much of anything right now because of his injuries.

When we stopped by, he was resting on his stomach playing video games.

He can’t sit down because of his burn injuries.

Skelton was run over right across the street from his home in Shawnee.

He and several other kids were outside playing just after dinnertime.

“We heard this car coming straight down the road. I was still on the grass, so I turned like this, and then it just went like that and got over me,” Skelton said.

The driver allegedly hopped the curb and ran over Skelton before speeding off.

Witnesses said the passenger jumped out of the car.

“The passenger should have heard me, but he started walking. He walked off,” Skelton said.

Skelton was screaming in pain.

Police quickly caught up with that passenger, Kyle Suneagle.

The alleged driver, Roscoe Lynch, was arrested a couple hours later.

“It also felt like I broke my back, but I actually broke my clavicle right here,” Skelton said.

After a few surgeries and 10 days in the hospital, Skelton is thankful to be home, and he’s hoping he’ll be back on the football field soon after a traumatizing experience he won’t soon forget.

Skelton’s football team is raising money to help with his medical bills.

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