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“We have prayed for the last 6 years for justice,” Oklahoma man convicted in murder of mother, two children will not be put to death

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BLANCHARD, Okla. - A Blanchard man convicted in the brutal murders of a mother and her two young children will not be put to death.

Ginger Griffin has to accept she'll never see her stepdaughter and grandkids again.

What she can't handle is the man who savagely took their lives is still breathing.

"We want him to feel what our kids are feeling. They don't get to see us or hug us. They don't get to tell us they love us everyday. We just feel he don't deserve it either," Griffin said.

In 2010, authorities found the bodies of 25-year old Katrina Griffin and her two young children, 8-year old Christian Griffin and 6-year old Chasity Hammer, in their burned out mobile home.

Shaun Bosse's was convicted of murdering them.

He was sentenced to death but, Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court overturned his sentence based on victim impact statements given in court.

"They asked us what our recommendation for sentencing would be. And, of course, we told them the death penalty," she said.

At the time, courts allowed those types of statement, but this ruling changes everything.

"What the court did today is set that aside and reverse themselves, saying the family members may not do that and that it is a denial of due process," said David Mckenzie, attorney. "They can generally speak about the victim and what they meant to them, but the determination of life or death is in the jury's hands, and they are the ones who decide. It's not based on a recommendation from the family members.

Ginger said the courts decision is unacceptable.

"People judge us, because we want the death penalty, but they don't understand. They haven't lived through what we have lived through, knowing our kids were heinously murdered," Griffin said.

But, she feels, even with a new jury and a new sentencing hearing, the result will end with the death sentence.

"We have God in our hearts, and we have prayed for the last 6 years for justice."