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Teenager confesses to stealing crackers from store, stunned by officer’s act of kindness

A Green Bay Police officer's act of kindness has gone viral.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – A teenager caught stealing from a store was given a helping hand instead of a citation.

According to WGBA, Green Bay Officer Roman Trimberger was called to a gas station for a reported theft.

Authorities say the 19-year-old man stole crackers from a gas station. After taking the crackers, he felt guilty about it and went back to pay for them.

The store’s manager called police and the 19-year-old man waited for officers to arrive.

The man said that he didn’t have any money for food, but offered to pay for the crackers.

“He’s a student, he holds a part-time job, and if you’ve ever been a student before, you know it’s hard to make money working at the same time,” Trimberger said.

As a result, he decided to not write the man a citation. Instead, he bought him a bag full of groceries.