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Landowner says he’d just met fugitive, accused killer Michael Dale Vance, Jr.

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OKLAHOMA - Tony Heavner lives on the property where two Wellston police officers were shot Sunday evening.

They were shot by Michael Dale Vance, Jr., and it was the beginning of a crime spree that left Vance's aunt and uncle dead and two other people shot.

"I guarantee you there was over a thousand bullets exchanged out here, if not more, from him," Heavner said.

Heavner said he was shocked when Vance open fire.

He said he just met Vance that day when a mutual friend brought him over.

They had been target practicing on some old TVs and had no idea anyone had called to complain to police.

"I thank God for Wellston PD and them two officers. If it wasn't for them, I think we'd all probably be dead," Heavner said.

Heavner watched as the two officers were shot, then he and his family ran for cover in the woods.

"He was just back and forth, back and forth, aiming, shooting at everybody," Heavner said.

Heavner's mother's truck was riddled with bullet holes.

So was Michael Cox's motorhome where he lives on the property.

"Intense. It's like being in a small war without a gun. That's no good. I got bullets coming behind me and bullets coming at me, because he's over here, the cops are behind me. So, I had to like a snake and get on off my land," Cox said.

Heavner said he knows exactly what he hopes now for Vance.

"Pardon my French, but he can burn in hell. I hope he gets what he gets coming to him."

There have been no credible sightings of Vance since early Monday morning in Sayre.

The FBI has set up headquarters at their Oklahoma City office to coordinate efforts to catch Vance.