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OKLAHOMA CITY--There are concerns over a new clinic in south Oklahoma City.

Advanced Recovery is a methadone clinic which residents say is not necessarily a bad thing, but its location has raised some eyebrows.

The new location is directly across the street from US Grant High School, and Thursday was the first day it opened its doors.

"I fully support people getting the help that they need. However, I don't think it's in the best interest of the school as far as safety of the kids to have a methadone clinic directly across the street,” former US Grant High School teacher and area resident Mickey Dollens said. “I think there are better places to do it especially when our kids are going to and from school. We need to put the kids safety first."

So, KFOR spoke by phone with the CEO of Advanced Recovery, a place where recovering heroin addicts and other drug users go for help.

"We need to take treatment more to kids rather than keep treatment away and apart from kids,” CEO Dan Cross said.

"Ok. So is this treatment for adults?"

"This treatment is for adults. What I'm telling you is schools all over the state are getting school based treatment...right in the schools."

However, Advanced Recovery is not school based and treated people 18 years and older.

"In the sixties, seventies and eighties we wanted to keep those drug addicts away from our kids and that type of mentality,” Cross said. “Now we've learned the age in which they start to use and abuse drugs is 10-12 years old."

"Why on Earth would you want that anywhere near your children? It doesn't matter the age of when they start or that there may be other students in the high school who do it. That doesn't mean they all do."

"You've raise a good point. In looking at places to locate we looked at several things. We looked at demographics. We looked at drug use pattern."

Bottom line: There was no location in the area they say met their criteria like the location located across the street from US Grant High School, but that is no excuse according to the people against it.

"Anytime people are trying to get treatment they have some behavioral issues that are concerning to the neighborhoods and to the schools,” Dollens said.

It is not against the law for this type of clinic to be located near a school. Advanced Recovery says there will be extra security and police presence during operating hours.