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Brenda Reed, Oklahoma County Jail

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City woman was arrested this week after making her 19th call to police in a month.

On Oct. 25th, police say Brenda Reed, 56, called police to report a missing person.

When the officer arrived at Reed’s home, he said he knew the address well because Reed is reportedly known for making false reports to 911, the police report stated.

On this day, police said she reported her 18-year-old daughter was missing.

However, police were able to locate Reed’s daughter, who confirmed she was fine.

After telling Reed her daughter was not missing, the woman called 911 again because she “didn’t like what the officer told her,” the police report stated.

An officer responded to Reed’s home to talk with her about the calls.

Reed said that she knew her daughter was in jail and was not missing, but that she hadn’t been able to get a hold of her in over a month.

Police informed her that not talking to her daughter was not considered an emergency and that it was not a reason to call 911.

After reviewing how many times Reed had called 911 within the past month, the officer took her into custody.

According to the police report, since October 1st, Reed has called 911 19 times to report false claims for “check welfares, domestics, missing children or adults and other things.”

Earlier this month, she even allegedly told a police officer that she wasn’t going to stop calling 911, because “she thought it was fun.”

She was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for making a false 911 emergency call.