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A wildlife rescue group works to release every animal that comes into its care, but Wild Heart Ranch is making an exception for a recuperating baby beaver.

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. – A baby beaver who fought to survive is now getting a new home.

The baby beaver was dropped off at Wild Heart Ranch after someone found it trapped in a boat slip.

“He was exhausted. He was dehydrated. He was starving,” Annette King, the group’s director, told KJRH.

The organization named him Rocky and worked to nurse him back to health.

Now that he is healthy, the group usually would release him back into the wild.

However, King says that since he was rescued at such a young age, he would likely struggle to survive.

“Rocky knows no other life than captive, spoiling interaction with people,” she said. “He has no friends. His friends are stuffed animals.”

Instead, Rocky will be sent to his new home at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.