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Long-time Oklahoma police officer arrested for domestic abuse

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OKLAHOMA - He’s been a police officer for Oklahoma City for 18 years but, Tuesday night, Master Sergeant Darren Martin became an inmate in the Oklahoma County Jail.

A family member reported an argument that turned ugly, and Martin was arrested for domestic abuse.

The victim said, during an argument, Martin pushed her out of bed, demanding she leave.

She said he even went so far as to grab her by both legs at the ankle, trying to pull her out of the house.

In the garage, she said she was standing by her vehicle, when Martin began throwing things and something sharp hit her face.

“He began throwing things, and one of the things that he threw actually hit the victim, causing a laceration, which required medical attention,” said Paco Balderrama, OKCPD.

Investigators said the victim was cut on her face and also had bruising on her arm and ankle.

Police took pictures of her injuries and interviewed both the family member and Martin.

Martin’s arrest is a reminder of an alarming trend across the county.

According to the National Society for Women and Policing, two studies have found at least 40 percent of police officer families experience domestic violence, compared to 10 percent of families in the general population - something police departments take seriously.

“The officer was placed on administrative leave. We are doing dual investigations. One of them is going to be a criminal investigation, which is looking into the allegations of the crime. The second will be an administrative investigation,” Balderrama said.

At this point, Martin has not been charged with a crime.

He's only been arrested for domestic abuse.

The alleged incident happened at his home in Yukon, so it will be up to the Canadian County District Attorney to decide if any charges will be filed.