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Disabled Oklahoma woman targeted by thieves during move

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A disabled woman claims thieves targeted her while moving into her new Oklahoma City apartment.

"I have $2 left," said Alena Gentry.

That is all the money Gentry said she has left, after someone stole $400 from her purse.

"That was Christmas money. Now, I don't have any money to pay for Christmas," Gentry said.

She said the cash along with a few of her cookbooks and medical records also disappeared.

One thing she is most upset about is a book that is now missing from her shelf.

It is a story about her life and rough times.

"What I was trying to do was help other people that's been through that life history so I could be able to help them," Gentry said. "I had all the stuff in there. Now, it's all gone. There's nothing left.”

Gentry said she is positive her belongings were not misplaced - but stolen.

"One of the 10 Commandments is 'Thou shall not steal’,” Gentry said. "I pray for the people that took it. I pray that they give their heart to God, and I also pray that they won't do this to anybody else.”

Gentry said she filed a police report but, so far, has not heard back from investigators about any leads.