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‘I Don’t Know’ is the answer to Oklahoma man’s quest for a living

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EUFAULA, OKLAHOMA -- You might not know by looking but Danny Wilson is used to hotter temperatures than a restaurant kitchen or even his big smoker.

Standing in front of a huge oven and rotating rack, Wilson says, "I've got ribs going, brisket and some slats."

Danny was a welder in the oil fields until his phone stopped ringing a few years back.

"I had to find something to do to make a living," he says.

He'd always liked cooking off the back of his truck and doing barbecue at home.

So what do you do to pay the bills?

I Don't Know was the answer.

"That worked for a lot of different things," he chuckles.

The name of his place stems from one of those throw-away conversations he had with his wife about where they were going to eat out.

"She says 'I don't know.' You pull up and you're here," he answers.

I Don't Know Barbecue started smoking chicken and pulling pork for the lake crowds in summer.

Low and slow, even the winter residents of Eufaula started answering their own 'I don't know' questions.

"You get to know people," says Danny. "And in a small town like this they become family."

Leave it to a hungry oil field guy to come up with a signature sandwich like this.

Smoked bologna, pulled pork, bacon, hot links, two kinds of cheese and onion on a buttered bun.

"Now that's a sandwich," exclaims Wilson.

Danny calls it the Hogwaller.

"We were just playing one day," he says of the sandwich's origins, "And it seemed to be a hit."

Can anyone get their mouth around one?

I don't know.

Can you add a stack of ribs to that?

I don't know.

See how easy that is?

"Is I Don't Know still the answer to a lot of questions," asks a restaurant visitor?

"Yes," chuckles Wilson. "I'm the type that I learn something new every day."

I Don't Know Barbecue is open Thursday through Sunday on a side street behind City Hall in Eufaula.

For more information go to their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Idon'tknowbbq