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Investigators closer to determining cause of deadly ‘Ghost Ship’ fire in Oakland

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OAKLAND, Calif. – A search for additional victims of the Oakland Ghost Ship fire is complete, and the number of victims remain at 36.

According to NBC News, 35 of the 36 victims have been identified.

The family of Nicholas Walrath believes he is the final victim of the fire. They told NBC News that Nick was attending the party at the warehouse that night and texted his girlfriend of five years “Fire” and “I love you.”

The lawyer biked everywhere and family members say his blue bike is still locked outside the warehouse.

Investigators say that some of the victims appeared to be lying next to each other on the floor in an attempt to shield one another from the flames.

According to KGO, most of the victims died from smoke inhalation before they could get close to an exit.

Investigators are still searching for a cause of the fire, but say it likely spread quickly through the cluttered structure.

Right now, they are looking at an appliance as the culprit.

“The refrigerator is something that they’re looking at as a potential source of ignition. It hasn’t been identified as a smoking gun, this is it,” Special Agent Jill Snyder, with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, said.