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Need a Hatchimal? Target to restock the toys this weekend

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One of the most buzzed about new toys of the year has finally... hatched. Interactive creatures called Hatchimals are predicted to become one of the most wanted toys of the year, according to industry experts.

Christmas is less than 20 days away, which means that many parents are scrambling to find the season’s hottest toys to put under the tree.

It seems that many kids are asking Santa for a Hatchimal this Christmas.

To get the Hatchimals to hatch, kids must interact with its shell, which features touch technology. When you tap on it, the Hatchimal taps back. When you stroke the top or bottom, it lights up and makes sounds.

When they’re ready to hatch (usually after 30 minutes of continuous play), it’ll do so on its own.

The Hatchimal pecks on the shell — loudly and with force, rotating its head to strike at different spots.

Eventually, the beak breaks through enough to lift the top part of the egg.

A Hatchimal’s behavior matures over a couple of days and weeks. It becomes a toddler and eventually, an adult Hatchimal.

As a baby, you feed it by touching its beak to the floor. It becomes more interactive as a toddler. It’ll dance, repeat your words and move when you clap your hands. The Hatchimal will play games with you in its grown-up stage.

However, the interactive creatures are pretty difficult to find. The toys have been flying off store shelves within minutes at retailers across the country.

But you may be in luck.

Target announced that it is expected to restock the toy on Sunday, Dec. 11. They will go on sale for $59.99 with a limit of two per guest, while supplies last.

Target is encouraging shoppers to call their local store to find out exactly how many Hatchimals will go on sale.