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Parents file protective order after Coweta student bullied, attacked at school


Got protective order, says she told school

COWETA, Okla. – Oklahoma parents say they have taken extreme measures to put an end to the bullying that their daughter is facing at school.

Chynna Holland, 13, told KJRH that she has been bullied for months at Coweta Junior High School.

“I would rather be homeschooled than go to school right now,” she said. “It’s getting so bad.”

In August, Holland says she was beat up by a girl in her class.

Her mother filed a police report and eventually got a protective order against the other student.

Just one week ago, Holland says a fellow student threatened to kill her three times in the span of two days.

Holland’s parents allege that the school district didn’t start taking action until they went to police.

The district told KJRH that they can’t discuss the details of the discipline, but say all accusations are taken seriously and they will enforce their no-bullying policy.