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Police: Tulsa man who witnessed shooting believed dead, rumored his body fed to hogs

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TULSA, Okla. – Police are investigating rumors that a Tulsa man who witnessed a shooting last month is dead and that his body was fed to hogs.

Police say Courtney Palmer witnessed a shooting in south Tulsa on Nov. 8 while high on PCP, KJRH reports.

He was reported missing two days later.

Sgt. Dave Walker told KJRH that the police believe Palmer is dead.

Rumors are circulating that Palmer’s body was fed to hogs in Muskogee County.

However, police have not been able to locate any remains.


Gerald Lowe, Michaela Riddle and Jeannette Thomas were arrested this week in connection to Palmer’s disappearance.

According to KJRH, they are each facing charges of assault and battery with intent to kill, kidnapping and intimidation of a witness.

Gerald Lowe, Michaela Riddle and Jeannette Thomas

Gerald Lowe, Michaela Riddle and Jeannette Thomas

Police believe Lowe and Riddle beat Palmer to death on Nov. 10, then disposed of his body.

Thomas turned herself in after initially lying about her involvement in the crime, police said.

Investigators told KJRH that they do not believe Thomas was involved in the actual alleged beating.

Although homicide detectives are investigating Palmer’s rumored death, police say this case is not an official homicide until a body is found or charges are filed.