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Luther FFA targeted by thieves a second time

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LUTHER, Okla. - A small Oklahoma school has been burglarized for the second time.

Last month, someone stole about $1,500 worth of food meant for an FFA fundraiser in Luther, and now thieves have struck again.

"It's a punch to the gut. The first time, it hurt, but we knew we could recover,” said FFA teacher Holly Drake.

Someone broke into one of the FFA buildings, and recovering just weeks after the first hit is not easy.

Right now, everything is at a standstill.

Thieves hit the freezer.

"These two shelves were full of a butcher pig that we raffle off as a fundraiser,” Drake said.

And, they also made off with Blue and Gold fundraising sausage.

They also wiped out most of the equipment.

It is hard to have class without the necessary tools.

"There were DeWalt tools. There were four four and a half inch angle grinders, two drills, a trim saw, a reciprocating saw,” Drake said.

They were all items used to build Christmas orders and items to auction at a program fundraiser.

"We're doing some Christmas projects right now and, to finish up those projects, they are kind of on hold until we can get some more stuff,” Drake said.

Whoever it is pried open the door, and school officials believe it is somebody who knows the layout of the building.

"This time, it seems like it's more personal,” Drake said.

There are about 70 students in the Luther FFA program.

A local business owner is offering a reward for the return of the stolen property.