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New shop owner can’t find sign installer

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Darla Veitch is working super hard to drive new business through her door at 8543 N. Rockwell.

She has a temporary vinyl sign out front, but it hardly stands out.    

“I don't have a lot of traffic right now,” she said. “Mentally, there are few sleepless nights with a new business and not making as much money as I'd like to or need to.”

Last month, sign installer Tyler Meyer stopped by her shop, Periwinkle Gifts, with a hard sell, eventually convincing Darla to put $1,400 down on new outdoor signage. 

Weeks later though, there is no sign, and Darla said Meyer's been avoiding her.

We checked with the city.

He never pulled a permit for the installation.

Wednesday, we received a tip he was on another job just up the street from Darla's store.

Meyer told us the city won't issue him a permit to start Darla’s job, because his insurance was canceled due to nonpayment. 

“So, I had to send that payment to them, a check,” he said. “[I’m] just waiting for them to clear everything.”

We questioned Meyer.

If he doesn't have a permit, how can he be working on another sign, but he told us he doesn't have to pull one, because he's only doing cosmetic work on it.

Darla is left wondering what's next for her.

Meyer said her sign is finished.

“It's just waiting for the permit,” he said.

Meyer never did offer up any proof the sign was actually finished.

We jumped into action, connecting Darla with Donny Ho and Blue Diamond Signs.

They want to honor Darla's original contract, along with her $1,400 down payment. 

“All we do is signs and if something we can give back and help somebody we do,” Donny said.

The next step is pulling the permit and coming up with the new design.  

Darla’s hoping the new exposure pumps new life into her labor of love.

She said she checked Meyer's references, but it didn't matter.

She admits she could have done some things differently, like getting an agreement in writing and asking plenty of questions demanding Meyer show her proof of insurance.

It’s looking like her new sign will get installed shortly after Christmas.