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Undercover phone call leads to arrest of Top 15 fugitive

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Wesley Ross

TULSA, Okla. – Authorities arrested a man who was placed on the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Top 15 Fugitive list after a few phone calls.

Wesley Ross was placed on the list because of a recent violent altercation with his girlfriend after previously serving time for assault and battery.

Authorities say they knew Ross was looking for a labor job that paid cash, so an agent called him and pretended to be his new parole officer.

The agent told Ross that he found him a job, and gave him the number of a second agent.

That agent told Ross that the job immediately started at a downtown Tulsa construction site.

When Ross went there to work, he was arrested.

“The tactics and resources used by the agents show determination and willingness to think outside the box,” DOC Director Joe Allbaugh said. “These are the characteristics an individual needs when tracking dangerous criminals to get them off the street and back into custody. I appreciate their efforts to apprehend criminals who leave custody in creative and innovative ways.”