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‘I liked it and got compliments on it,’ An Oklahoma man has something for the man who has everything

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MOORE, OKLAHOMA -- Alone, in a corner of his garage, huddled against a space heater, Temieke Chatman dreams of warmer occasions, and of people who might want to wear a bow tie to their Christmas party.

"Regular bow ties are average," he says. "And I kind of model myself off being un-average."

The idea struck when leaves were still on the trees this year.

Temieke always liked to look sharp.

He had a good supply of scrap lumber.

So he joined those two things to make his first wooden bow tie.

"You tried one on for yourself," asks a visitor to Chatman's home in Moore?

"Yes," he replies. "I liked it and got compliments on it and just kind of snowballed and went from there."

It took a lot of trial and error, and every scrap of skill he could muster on his sewing machine.

"I'm so glad I took up sewing in high school," he says while working.

But Chatman came up with a product he felt he could put his name on.

No tying up loosed ends here.

He just started wearing them around and conversations started.

"It never gets old," he says. "Every time I'm out, especially at church or wherever, if someone sees them they're always coming up to me and next thing you know I'm sending them one so there you go. It's catching on."

Temieke even got an email from a guy who credited his impending nuptials on one of his wooden ties.

"He told me she said that without the wooden bow tie on she would never have approached him."

No two are quite alike.

The wood grain sees to that.

They're easy.

They start conversations.

They might even make good gifts.

Temieke Chatman is still figuring all that out in the corner of his garage, and around as many necks as he can grab.

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