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Carl Albert And Gary Rose Celebrate Latest State Football Title

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It looked like a concert for champions Friday morning.

The band played.

Trophies were raised.

Hugs and hand shakes were plentiful while the Ttians' celebrated head coach Gary Rose's tenth state title.

Even alumni showed up to support.

Showing how special football and life can be at Carl Albert.

“Really relationships are more important than winning,” Rose said.  “If you’re blessed and fortunate enough to win like we have been then the relationships really deepen, and they last over time, and that’s what’s great.”

“There’s no were else I’d rather be,” J.D. Runnels, Carl Albert graduate, said.  “There’s no where else I could be.  I have to be here.  Knowing this feeling of what this ball means.  What it meant to me growing up.  Those memories that’s what I can’t pass up.  That’s why I have to be here.”

After adding yet another gold ball to the Titan trophy case this year Gary Rose now has as many title rings as he has fingers.

If you can believe that.

Making him just the second coach in Oklahoma with ten state championships in football.

The Carl Albert head coach says the trademark of this year's team has been keeping alive a special streak that only a school with this kind of tradition could keep up.

“This is about the legacy, and they did not want to drop the ball, and be the first class to not have a ring when they left high school,” Rose said.

“We came together as brothers,” Johnny Bizzell, Carl Albert senior quarterback, said.  “We didn’t fuss, and fight too much through out the year.  We love each other, we play for each other, and that’s the reason we did it."

Rose preaches success on and off the field.

His team flashed their academic state title too.

He's quick to point out their success is a group effort.

“It is unbelievable to look onto my desk and there’s those rings lined up, and I think how blessed, how fortunate and how good things have gone for us,” Rose said.  “I give credit to my coaches, the kids.”

“These things they’re a culmination of a lot,” Runnels said.  “He’s found a way to master that system of getting the right kids.  Getting the right coaches around them, and defying the odds.”

“He’s not a mean coach,” Bizzell said.  “He encourages us a lot, he wants the best for us, and he keeps pushing us.  It’s an honor to have him as a coach."

Rose wrapped things up in style, but it didn't lack substance.

Dancing a traditional celebration dance in style with friend Mike Goff while honoring principal Kristin Goggans battle with cancer with pink hair.

“I’d never danced before,” Rose said.  “Mr. Manning who I worked for at Del City was the one that taught me you shouldn’t do that.  It’s not dignified.  Well I decided I’d just drop my dignity, and celebrate with Ms. Goggans, and our football team."