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Man credits world peace hat with saving his life during attempted robbery

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BOCA RATON, Fla. – An Uber driver in Florida credits a baseball cap with saving his life.

Jeff Brown told WPEC that he was sitting in his car when a group of men walked up to him and pointed guns at his head.

Instead of getting out of his car like they demanded, Brown says she rolled up his windows and began to drive away.

At that point, he heard a gunshot.

“It went through, it grazed the headrest, it hit the bill of my hat, and then ricocheted and hit where you see right there, the impact, and it bounced off of the inside of the glass,” Brown said.

Brown says he likely would have been shot in the head had it not been for his hat.

Police are still searching for the alleged suspects.

Brown says he is looking at the shooting as a gift, saying that now he knows that he is alive for a reason.