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Unique minibus found unharmed after it was stolen from Oklahoma man’s home

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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. – A unique minibus that was reportedly stolen last week has been found.

The 10-foot long mini-replica of one of the original buses used by Village Tours and Travel brings Christmas joy this time of year.

“It literally made me want to cry, because this is the pride of the company,” said Bob Williams.

Williams is an employee of the company, and he actually owns the minibus.

He has had it since 1982.

“It was handmade by an engineer that worked for Eagle Bus Coaches down in Brownsville, Texas, and he was 80 something years old when he built this by hand for me,” Williams said.

Williams' minibus

Williams’ minibus

The minibus was inside a trailer parked at Williams’ home near Shawnee when thieves set their sights on the haul.

Whoever stole it busted the locks on the trailer, hooked it up to their own vehicle and drove off with it.

Williams said they likely had no idea what was inside.

“You know, if they thought they were going to get a bunch of high dollar tools or something, they’re disappointed,” Williams said.

Williams said the minibus was scheduled to appear in a Christmas parade this past weekend.

“We were to drive that bus in the parade, and with a big bus behind it, and just advertising the company, and handing out candy and whatnot for the town of Catoosa,” Williams said.

Williams was just hoping his pride and joy didn’t end up in a junk yard.

“They can keep the trailer. I’ll give them the trailer. A trailer can be, another trailer can be purchased, but that bus is a piece of history,” Williams said.

Fortunately, officials found Williams’ minibus.

The trailer and minibus were both found unharmed, Williams told KFOR.

After seeing KFOR’s news story on the minibus, the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office received a tip, which led to the discovery.