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Attorney claims embattled former police chief could be linked to Long Island serial killer

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OAK BEACH, N.Y. - Authorities say they are following new leads in the case of a serial killer who has evaded arrest for years.

The first body was discovered around Gilgo Beach in 2010 when police were looking for Shannan Gilbert. Investigators eventually found Gilbert's body, but they also stumbled upon 9 other bodies in the area around the beach.

The Associated Press reports that new DNA evidence has been discovered and could crack the case.

Investigators are also looking into accusations against a former police chief in Suffolk County.

James Burke, the former police chief in the area, was suspected of keeping the FBI in the dark about the Gilgo Beach murders. Now, an attorney for Gilbert's family says there is a connection between Burke, prostitutes and Gilgo Beach.

According to WPIX, a sex worker came forward to officials, saying that Burke held parties near the beach with prostitutes while he was on the police force.

“Under those circumstances, a high police official from Suffolk County goes and parties in Oak Beach itself with drugs and with prostitution. That suggests an arrogance and a certainty in his mind that he could pretty much do whatever he wanted with regard to that investigation … That itself is pretty outrageous,” the lawyer said.

Burke was recently sentenced to 46 months in federal prison for planning a cover-up after he beat up a man who stole sex toys and other items from his car.