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Coworkers rush to save Oklahoma teacher after she collapses in classroom

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SHAWNEE, Okla. – An elementary school faculty member collapsed in a classroom and, thanks to some of her coworkers, she quickly got the medical attention she needed.

It was the end of the day at Sequoyah Elementary School in Shawnee and, with the push of a button, the front office got an emergency call from a fifth grade classroom.

"We had a staff member, and she was working in the classroom, she was working with students,” said Terri Lemos, the school principal.

Then, out of nowhere, that staff member collapsed.

"We had students who reacted. We couldn't have asked for anything. They responded by calling the office and telling the faculty member they need help,” Lemos said. "There was a team of four that actually performed CPR. They rotated through. Performing CPR, it just takes, it seems like a lot of energy. So, as one would start to get tired, the next one would step in."

Their life-saving rotation repeated until paramedics arrived.

"The doctors now just talk about how lucky she was to have the response that she got. That just doesn't seem that it happens very often,” Lemos said.

While the staff member recovers in the hospital, teachers are now hoping to use the incident as a learning experience.

"All of our teachers, especially for the students that were in that end of the building, they all took the time to talk to them about the response. Then. we had counseling for the staff and the students,” Lemos said.

At last check, doctors did not know what caused the woman to collapse.