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OSBI: Suspect arrested in 1982 Oklahoma City homicide

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A suspect has been arrested in a 34-year-old Oklahoma City homicide.

Raul Sierra, 65, was arrested around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday in New Orleans by state police.

A warrant for Sierra’s arrest was filed in Oklahoma County on Wednesday for the first-degree murder of Wildredo Roberto Matos Osorio.

On November 28, 1982, Osorio was found on the embankment of a bridge in Pottawatomie County, according to OSBI.

The medical’s examiner’s office determined the 23-year-old Cuban immigrant died from multiple gunshot wounds.

OSBI later learned Osorio was shot and killed inside a house in the 6900 block of Woodridge in Oklahoma City.

The shooters then reportedly dumped the body in Pottawatomie County.

Biological evidence from the house where Osorio was shot was collected at the time, but forensic testing was unable to provide leads and the case went cold.

Recently, OSBI opened the case files, re-interviewed witnesses and the evidence was tested.

The results determined the probability of the blood and human tissue matching someone other than Osorio is 1 in 2.17 billion.

Wednesday morning, OSBI flew to Miami, Florida, where they tracked down Sierra, and attempted to served an arrest warrant at his house, but he was not there.

Raul Sierra

Raul Sierra

After following leads on his whereabouts, he was tracked to New Orleans and arrested in the 800 block of Atlantic Avenue.

Sierra will eventually come to Oklahoma to answer to the murder charge.

He is one of two people implicated in the murder, according to OSBI, and the second suspect is dead.