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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – It was a horrific phone call no parent ever should receive.

The pastor for Dedre Jefferson’s family told KTRK that Jefferson called her 73-year-old mother after her adult son began acting strangely.

Family friends claim the 22-year-old man may have taken some of Jefferson’s blood pressure and diabetes medication.

While on the phone, Jefferson’s mother reportedly heard her screaming. She eventually said that her son was stabbing her.

Jefferson’s mother rushed to her home, and found her daughter’s body inside the house.

Investigators say Jefferson was stabbed several times in the chest with different kitchen knives.

Jefferson’s son was arrested a short time later after he was found hiding in a closet in a nearby townhouse.

The family’s pastor said the alleged suspect was having “spiritual visions” and that he and his mother were supposed to meet with him on Friday.