Country singer Randy Travis surprises officer who lost everything in house fire

Officer gets Christmas surprise from Randy Travis

GAINESVILLE, Texas – A police officers in Gainesville, Texas got the Christmas surprise of a lifetime after being hit with tragedy.

Two weeks ago, Officer Keith Bartlett and his family lost their home and nearly all their possessions to a fire.

The community rallied around Bartlett, making sure his five children had gifts to open on Christmas Day.

However, a country music singer also wanted to help the public servant.

According to KXII, music is Bartlett’s passion and he was devastated to learn that his guitars were destroyed in the fire.

On Christmas Day, Bartlett was working and dispatchers sent him out on a call.

A short time later, they called him back to the station.

“Then they all turned around and looked at me when I was walking in, I thought, ‘What’s going on?” Bartlett told KXII.

Randy Travis met Bartlett years ago when there was a theft at his ranch. When he heard about the fire, he decided to surprise Bartlett with a visit and buy him a new guitar.