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“I was outraged,” Shawnee residents angry after mutilated animal dumped at Walmart

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Police are investigating after an animal was dumped at the Shawnee Walmart.

It had been skinned and mutilated.

Understandably, customers were startled.

Cellphone video shows the horrifying image.

People initially thought it was a pit bull, and word spread on Facebook quickly.

“I was outraged, absolutely outraged someone could do that to an animal,” said one resident.

Customers called police in a hurry.

Officers were able to get security video from Walmart and tracked down the suspect.

Police said the suspect told them the carcass was that of a coyote, shot over the weekend in Lincoln County.

“In my opinion, it's doesn't matter what kind of animal it was. If they skinned an animal that’s alive, it doesn’t matter if it’s a coyote or a dog, what it is. That’s just inhumane,” said another resident.

“That’s terrible,” said Carl Oden.

Frequent shoppers thought this was unbelievable with how many families walk through the doors.

“That’s something you dispose of properly, not at a Walmart,” Oden said.

Witnesses said someone tossed the animal from the back of a white pickup truck.

Police have not identified that person.

They took the carcass and other items into evidence.

State wildlife officials said coyotes can be hunted year-round with a proper license.

But, disposing of the animal at a public place is against Oklahoma law.

It’ll be up to prosecutors to determine whether to bring charges.