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Police continue search for suspect who shot Oklahoma police officer

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VALLEY BROOK, Okla. - Police are still searching for the suspect who shot an Oklahoma police officer during a traffic stop over the weekend.

Around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, a Valley Brook police officer was rushed to the emergency room in critical condition after being shot in the leg near I-240 and Eastern during a traffic stop.

Officials say the officer had his back turned and was making his way back to his vehicle when the driver shot him in the leg.

“It’s dangerous anytime you pull somebody over and in this case he had actually already made contact with the person he had pulled over and then he turned around to walk back to the vehicle,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Spokesman Mark Opgrande. “A sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene and began giving CPR and putting a tourniquet on him to stop the bleeding.”

An ambulance took the officer to the hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Meanwhile, police located the red Chevrolet Avalanche the suspect had been driving.

Officers from the tactical team brought in an armored vehicle and surrounded the Chevy behind a Toys R Us store near I-35 and S.E. 66th St.

“Nobody was found in the car,” said Oklahoma City Police Officer Jeff Dutton. “The car was empty. Right now this is going to be part of the scene and we’re going to process that scene and get more details from that.”

Right now, officers do not have a description of the subject or know if multiple people were involved.

Police are hoping a K-9 unit can help develop leads on the suspect.

Valley Brook police are reviewing dash cam footage of the shooting.

Officials say the Oklahoma City Police Department is handling the investigation.