Police investigating after skinned coyote carcass found outside Shawnee Walmart

SHAWNEE, Okla. – Authorities say they are investigating after a skinned carcass was dropped off in front of a Shawnee store.

On Jan.1, the Shawnee Police Department received several calls about a dog’s carcass found in front of Walmart’s entrance.

Witnesses told investigators that the animal was pushed from the back of a white pickup truck and appeared to be skinned.

Shawnee police were able to identify one suspect, who said the animal was a coyote that was shot earlier in the weekend in Lincoln County.

Officials say that coyotes can be hunted year round with the proper license, but there are regulations about properly disposing a carcass.

At this point, authorities say the carcass and other items were collected as evidence as the investigation continues.

No word on whether the alleged suspect is facing charges.