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“He wouldn’t get off the couch,” Melon-sized tumor found in 3-year-old’s abdomen

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For 3-year-old Andrew Supernaw, there are just so many captivating things to see and do at an Oklahoma City clinic.

One moment, he’s resting his head on the stomach of a therapy dog visiting Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer.

The next moment, he’s making Christmas ornaments.

This isn't necessarily a joy ride for Andrew's mom, Brittany Taylor.

It was about eight months ago when Andrew suddenly didn't feel like doing much of anything.

“He wouldn't get off the couch. It was terrible,” Brittany said.

A series of scans and tests revealed a dark secret in the back of Andrew's abdomen.

“They said it was the size of a small melon,” Brittany said. “You can’t believe that could fit in his body.”

That melon was a Wilms tumor.

It’s a unique and terrible form of pediatric kidney cancer.

Andrew lost one kidney, but his family is thankful it didn't spread to his second one.

"The tumor was so big it was stuck to the back of the abdominal cavity," said pediatric oncologist Dr. Chinni Pokala.

As bad as it sounds, a recovery from Wilms tumor is expected at Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer.

“Wilms tumor is one of the successes of pediatric cancer. For kids like Andrew, his cure rate is well over 90 percent," Pokala said.

Andrew is busy again, tossing a ball with his mom while waiting for the doctor.

His mother just learned his blood counts are high enough for him to receive his final chemo treatment.

He'll try to fit that in between his other reasons for being here.

“It’s not just about treatment. He has actual fun memories to look forward to. Clinic can be a happy memory," Brittany said.

One day, back in their cozy home, Brittany will remind Andrew about his time at Jimmy Everest.

Andrew will hopefully just remember all the people there who made him smile.

'Kids With Courage' is sponsored by the Jimmy Everest Center.