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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma grandmother braved the cold temperatures Tuesday to protest outside of the Oklahoma County Courthouse.

She is an outspoken advocate for victims' rights.

LaJan Fields lost her son, Jason Fields, his fiancé, Shannon West, and their daughter, Ruby Michele, when a drunk driver hit and killed them back in 2015.

LaJan now has a message for the driver's legal team: respect the victims.

Tuesday, January 3 was Jason's birthday - he would have been 36 years old.

"I am walking around the courthouse to bring awareness to just what victims go through," LaJan said.

Last year, when the defendant driver, Demetrius Price, entered a blind plea, putting himself at the mercy of the court, Judge Timothy Henderson gave Price three life sentences for the three counts of manslaughter.

Price is behind bars, but his legal team filed a petition to withdraw his blind plea.

In the paperwork, the indigent defense lawyer got the victims' names wrong - all three of them.

"I understand she has a difficult job defending someone who is so obviously guilty. But, you do not disrespect the victims. We have been through enough," LaJan said.

The court of criminal appeals will rule on Price's motion.

Defense experts acknowledge it is a rare for the high court to reverse a blind plea.

"Because you didn't like a sentence is not a ground to reverse a plea of guilty," said Oklahoma County Public Defender Bob Ravitz.

Price is currently serving three life sentences for three counts of manslaughter for the deaths of Jason, Shannon and Ruby, plus more than 50 years for other crimes.

Henderson will rule on the motion to withdraw the guilty plea later this year.